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About Natural Pearl

Now, Natural Pearl has attracted considerable
attention on worldwide again.
Natural pearl means not the pearl harvested
by culture but the pearl harvested
as an accidental discovery.
They were used for the material of jewelry
from of old, and were very valuable.
We have collected various natural pearls from early time.
You can see a lot of unusual pearls in our company.

In addition, we are developing original jewelry line <MNP> now.
These are using a precious natural pearl.
Specifically, please look at the corresponding site from the following banner.

Conch Pearl  Abalone Pearl  Gayo de Acha  Clam Pearl  Quahog Pearl
Scallop Pearl  Oyster Pearl  Abalone Blister  Feather Pearl

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blank Conch Pearl
Conch Pearls are natural pearl created by the Queen Conch [Strombus Gigas]. Conch Pearls occur primarily in raspberry red to pink colors and they can also create whites, purples, browns, yellows, oranges, and golds. (The left small picture is the “flame structure” of conch pearl.)



blank Abalone Pearl
Abalones [Haliotidae Fulgens] are harvested for food off the coast of California.

abalone01 abalone02

They are byproducts of harvesting a wild abalone and they are so rare that only a handful of gem quality is found.


blank Gayo de Acha
gayo01 gayo03 gayo02

This natural pearl is uncommonly found from Atrina pectinata [Pinna nobilis]. Atrina pectinata is bivalves harvesting mainly for food. Native North Americans are calling them Gayo de Acha from early times.


blank Clam Pearl
Clam ( Tridacna maxima ) is a bivalve that lives in the sea around the world. It has a needle-like structure of the prismatic layer, and has a shine like a pottery. The color is from pearl white to off-white. also can be seen rarely flame pattern.


blank Quahog Pearl
quahog01 quahog02

Quahog Pearls are uncommonly found from Hard Clam [ Mercenaria mercenaria]. Hard Clam is bivalve harvesting mainly for food in Mexico and the American northeastern coast. They creates non-nacre natural pearl very uncommonly. They are called them "Quahog Pearl" in Mexican coast.


blank Scallop Pearl
Scallops [ Patinopecten yessoensis ] are harvested for food off the coast of California. They creates non-nacre natural pearl very uncommonly.


Scallop Pearls has characteristic leaf-like structure. (The right one)


blank Oyster Pearl
Oysters are harvested for food in Mexico and the American west coast. Oyster Pearls are uncommonly found from them.


It is not unusual to get many colors variations on one pearl. (The right one)


blank Abalone Blister
abalone04 abalone03

This natural pearl is a by-product created by the Shell’s defender instinct. Abalone Blister has the imprint that insect invaded. They have characteristic crystal structure.


blank Feather Pearl
Feather Pearls are uncommonly found from Freshwater Pearly Mussel [ Margaritifera margaritifera ] harvested along the Mississipppi valley.



blank Natural Pearl World
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